Last MOTD before I leave Paris! 

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Bye, Paris? It stings. BADLY.

That said, I’m stoked to be moving to Germany!

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#GIVEAWAY ! My first ever! 

It’s my first ever giveaway! Yay! Really, this is my own little way of showing my gratitude and appreciation for all the support and kind words you guys have shown me. Thanks so much again and I hope you join!


This giveaway will end on the 10th of August 2014, when I’ll select the winner at random. Said winner will be announced in a separate video and contacted through YouTube private messaging.


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2. Comment down below which item you’d be most excited to receive or try among the products I’ve shown on this video.

3. Share this on your social media platform of choice, and if possible with the hashtag #BonParisienGiveaway.

That’s it! I hope you guys join and share this to your mates as well.

Again, thanks thanks thanks thanks for everything. You all are AWESOME!

Lastly, this video is not sponsored.



#MOTD using #WetNWild #ComfortZone 

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To Laura  and Jonathan, thank you so so so much for the things you have sent me! I have really been enjoying them a lot. I hope to send you another package but from Germany this time. :)

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7 positive phrases we should be teaching America’s boys about masculinity

Common phrases like “man up,” “be a man” and “suck it up” are all part of this rhetorical tradition. What we usually want to communicate with these phrases is that our boys should learn to be independent, responsible, honorable and capable. These are all qualities essential to becoming a respectable adult man, but they are poorly communicated with chauvinistic, ambiguous phrases like “grow a pair” that send dubious messages about binary gender characteristics and what defines being a man.

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