Oh my god you guys, I just found my newest obsession and now my most favourite place in the entire goddamn city of Paris and it’s called BERTIE’S CUPCAKERY and it’s like heaven and it’s so cute and gorgeous and the cupcakes are delicious and orgasmic and I seriously can’t get enough of them!

I was touring a group of friends earlier around the Notre Dame area and I just chanced upon this little gem of a store and I literally rushed in and begged for a red velvet cupcake, which they don’t have… yet (soon though, I was assured). The two ladies behind the counter were also very sweet and accommodating!

I ended up buying a Caramel Fleur de Sel and a Chocolat-Banane and let me tell you, it’s the best thing I’ve tasted in a looooong time. One cupcake is 3€50. It’s fuckin’ worth it, really!

I can’t wait to go back and try everything they have!

(Bertie’s CupCakery is located at 26, rue Chanoisesse in the 4è, just a block away from the Notre Dame. Click here to visit their Facebook page.)

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    I went to school with the owner — haven’t seen her in YEARS but I’m happy she’s making a name for herself in Paris! If...
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    So pissed I didn’t get to try this… Something for next time
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